A cold, cold day in Maine

So this morning on my way into work I saw it again. Sea Smoke! Never in my life have I ever seen it and in less then 10 days I’ve seen it 3 mornings! I’m amazed and bewildered at this weather phenom. I decided that since I didn’t get any photos last time that I would make an effort to get some photos today. I called my boss and ran the idea of a cold weather blog for our Maine Adventure Sails blog. She loved the idea and off I went.

Now whenever I want to get a good photo of Rockland Harbor or the lighthouse I go down the Samoset road. The walk to the breakwater is short and with the harbor to one side and the Rockland Lighthouse and Owls Head Lighthouse in sight its my perfect spot for photos of all things Rockland.

Now my point in writing about this…yes I do have one…. is not only to share the sea smoke with you, but to help you to understand how cold it really was! Now, I’m not just talking I can see my breath cold, I’m talking my face felt like it was cracking with every movement, camera doesn’t want to work, eye watering cold!

I left the car with my three top layers, warm pants, hat, mittens and camera in hand. I got to the end of the parking lot and snapped a few shots. As I looked out on the harbor I was really appreciating how beautiful this sea smoke really is. It was mysterious as it surrounded the Raw Faith-looking like an old abandoned pirate ship that had been shipwrecked 100 years ago. I watched for a moment as the smoke wafted up over the breakwater, over the harbor and around the Rockland lighthouse.

In my infinite wisdom (not really) I decided to make a better photograph I need to be a little closer. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Rockland Breakwater- its a 9/10th of a mile granite walkway that starts on the shore and goes out into the harbor where the lighthouse sits. I’d say I walked about a 1/4 of the way out there,thinking this was far enough…I still had to go to work…and got some great shots of the sea smoke and a couple of video clips as well. I’ll post more of the photos later, but favorite one is above.

The other really cool thing I discovered on the rocks were these really cool ice formations. What I thought was frost was something else. The ice crystals were actually standing straight up in the air. Its the coolest thing.

Anyway, the walk out wasn’t so bad. Don’t get me wrong it was still only 4 degrees without the wind chill, but man oh man – when I turned around that -15 to -25 degree wind chill hit my face I almost cried. No really, my eyes watered, my face burned, and you want to talk about power walking! The wind was so bitter cold, it actually took about 30 minutes before my legs stopped tingling and my cheeks felt normal again. It was that cold that chills you to the bone. You feel all that coldness through your whole body.

Ahhhhh, Maine winters! 😉