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So tonight as I was looking for a photo to put up with a post for the Maine Adventure Sails Blog, I was reminding of a day trip we took this June on the J&E Riggin with Mark, Raychel, Riley, Annaliese and myself.

It was the week of the Schooner Gam and boy oh boy was it foggy. We didn’t have much wind the entire day and it was gray and foggy and we had ’bout of rain….and it was fantastic! No we didn’t see much as far as views, we didnt have the breeze in our faces, we didnt see many other ships but it was great. It was so quiet. The kids were haning out in the galley, as were most of the adults. Sitting on deck with just a few other folks the only sound you could hear was the gently laps of water on the hull of the ship. We sailed the entire day leaving from Rockland and ending up in Camden! Only a 10-15 minute drive away! But still you could not have asked for a more relaxing day trip.

It was toward the end of the day when through the fog we saw an approaching ship. It was the Appledore, an 86 foot wooden windjammer who sails out of Camden in the summer and Key West in the winter. They were headed toward us but tacked around until they were sailing parallel to us. Then out of no where……..BOOOOM!! They shot their cannon at us! It was so much fun because we shot back! While they were next to us I made the photograph above.

It was a great day. I got some great photos. Made some short video clips. Spent time with my family. It was a perfect day!
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