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My boss on 207 last night!

Last night, my boss Anne Mahle was on our local NBC station with a show called 207. It’s basically a show with local interest stories. She was there to do the cooking segment and prepared Broiled Flank Steak Salad with Blue Cheese and Roasted Tomatoes and Herbed Crostini. I’ve had the salad before when she created the recipe for her column in the Portland Press Herald. There is a photo of it here.

Now, Annaliese loves the schooners and the J&E Riggin and talks about her anytime she sees the boat or the captains anywhere. So last night I let her stay up to watch Annie cooking on TV. When the book cover flashed on screen she yells out, “Mummy, we have that book….see it!” So we watch and we got to the part where she is putting the salad together and I heard her sigh. So I looked down at her and she was watching Annie still and she says, with another sigh saying “oh, she is just so good.” It was a perfect moment. She was interested in something other then cartoons, she had appreciation for what Annie was doing and for the food that was being prepared. I think I just may have another foodie in the family, starting much younger then my grandmother, mom, or aunt.

Here’s to special moments and blessed days!