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Christmas Carols and Crafts

Today was the most fun! I joined Anna at school and we made a few holiday crafts before getting on the bus to go carolling down Main Street. While sitting at the table with Anna making a candle out of an empty toilet paper roll and yellow tp…… a blonde haired boy came up to me and said ” Anna doesn’t chase me outside when we are playing.” My response was more of acknowledegement then anything else, until he came back a few mintues later saying the same thing…this time with a ” she doesn’t chase me even when I want her to.” I told him with a smile that I would work on that.

It was at this time that my 5 year old said either the funniest or sweetest thing….I still can’t figure out which. While on the bus I asked her why she doesn’t chase Nicholas. She replied with this… ” I know mumma. My head says I shouldn’t chase him, but my heart says I should. And I listen to my head. That’s why I don’t chase him.” What the heck kind of response is this!!! I had the hardest time not laughing, but did quite well and told her its okay to play with lots of kids and she doesn’t have to chase the same two all the time.

On the way home, I met the two boys she does chase with and boy oh boy am I going to be in trouble! She was laughing at EVERYTHING Alex was saying to her…funny or not. And I don’t mean the girly laugh for the sake of laughing laugh…..I mean she was really tickled like when we watch AFV (America’s Funniest Videos)! It was great to spend time with her at school and watch her in her element, especially since I don’t get to see that part of her day. It was really nice.

Went to work after… a great mood today…..fixed Mesquite marinated steak with carmelized onions and mushrooms and french cut green beans for dinner. Yummy. Tomorrow is my last day of work before a week off. Not sure what I’ll do but it should be relaxing. It’s vacation, but I still answer the phone and do the email…..not quite sure how that makes it vacation except I dont have to get dressed if I don’t want to. I’ll go to the library, get some crafts done, clean off my desk (its in desperate need)- dressers too. Maybe do some baking and definately some experimenting with new recipes. Don’t worry I’ll keep you up to date. Annie let me borrow the DaVinci Code to watch. Not sure if I’m going to like it since I didn’t care for the book so much. I preferred Angels & Demons to the DaVinci Code. I’ll let you know what I think.

Okay, well I’m off to update my movie database so Annie and Jon can borrow some movies. I know…..I have not life, lol. Also time to get Mark up so he can eat dinner before leaving for work. Until next time……..