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Awwww My first subscription for this blog

I’ve had my first subscription to this blog from my good gal pal Michelle…..thanks hun.

So today was really exciting! I cleaned out my inbox……well started the process. Just to give you an idea on what I was dealing with….at the bottom of the box was my notebook for our begining of the year meeting……that we never finished! But its cleaned out now and I’m surprised to find not too much to follow up on!

We just got back a few minutes ago from the local high school’s holiday concert. Both the band and chorus did a bunch of holiday songs. My old neighbor Stacy’s daughter Julia is in the chorus and had a solo. It was the last song they played. I just love Carol of the Bells. I think its got to be close to my favorite holiday song. What is yours?

We had french toast for dinner tonight. I’m always amazed at how many slices Anna will eat. I think she stopped at 5 tonight. I mean she is only 5! Oh…..she said the sweetest thing tonight….I had a pimple on my cheek and came out to the kitchen grumbled and said that I had a pimple. She got all teary eyed and weepy and said……. ” no mamma…..I think your beautiful”. How sweet is that!

I’m sitting here next to my Christmas tree thats smelling soooooo good right now. I love the green lights. That is what the photo is above., with Anna decorating it.

Well Mark is laying in bed watching a Nashville Christmas thing so I’m going to go join him. He has to leave for work in a bit. Tomorrow I’m joining Annaliese at school to do some crafts and then we go caroling on Main Street at 10. Ought to be fun walking down the street with four kindergarden classes! Wish me luck!