The first of many to come

So I just read an article the other day in a publication that the Maine Women’s Network puts out that writing actually helps to fight or relieve symptoms of depression. It is with this in mind that I start this blog. I have done a bit of blogging first on Xanga and then on MySpace.

As I learn more about blogging I am getting more excited about the thought of doing more of it. We are starting one for Maine Adventure Sails soon…we are in the design process now…..and I can’t wait to see it take off. Just starting the partnership between the Schooners J&E Riggin and Timberwind is exciting in itself, but all of the new things we are trying it just fantastic. We are taking these historic wooden boats and bringing new life to them online.

Just to give a bit of background here, I have worked for the Schooner J&E Riggin for 4 years now. Two of them were spent part time as I was employed by the owners and captains of another Maine windjammer who also owned a Bed & Breakfast in Rockland. They started taking the reservations for the Riggin the same week I started work as an assistant innkeeper. This was my first real introduction into the world of sailing and schooners. Even though I had seen the boats in the harbor all my life, I didn’t know anything about them. Long story short…I have worked for the J&E Riggin, and only them, for 2 years now. Over the course of the past year we have formed a partnership with the Timberwind who sails out of Rockport and have a new title of Maine Adventure Sails.

My intention for this blog is not to write about work, but all that I’m thinking and events going on. You will be reading alot about my family, my work, and of course my upcoming wedding this July. So stay tuned for more on what’s going on in this small town of Rockland Maine. I’m going to try to post every day…..but the best laid intentions……..

Until next time…. Happy Birthday Mark!!


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